Luxury Singapore Flower Shop by Korean Florist

2 Cornwall Gardens, Singapore


all arrangement container is included. 

we try our best to match the flowers to the photo you choose but it could be different depend  on their availability at the flower market

Blooming Orchid
Blooming Orchid $128.00
Champaign Rose
Champaign Rose $160.00
Cream and Pink pop
Cream and Pink pop $128.00
Cymbidium Orchid for Beauty
Cymbidium Orchid for Beauty $180.00
Dearest Flower Lady
Dearest Flower Lady $160.00
Garden Fairy
Garden Fairy $160.00
Go Vivid with Eucalyptus
Go Vivid with Eucalyptus $180.00
Good Luck Cymbidium
Good Luck Cymbidium $180.00
lavender Purple palate
lavender Purple palate $180.00
Lisianthus Arrangement
Lisianthus Arrangement $180.00
Lotus Garden
Lotus Garden $180.00
Pastel Pallate
Pastel Pallate $128.00
Peony in Heart
Peony in Heart $180.00
Perfume Matthiola
Perfume Matthiola $180.00
Plum Hydrangea
Plum Hydrangea $128.00
Rose Go with Eucalyptus
Rose Go with Eucalyptus $180.00
Rose Table Deco
Rose Table Deco $180.00
Shining Sunflower Arrangement
Shining Sunflower Arrangement $180.00
Snow Creamy White flowers
Snow Creamy White flowers $180.00
Your Glass vase for Centerpiece
Your Glass vase for Centerpiece $20.00